The reason I attended the University Gunadarma is because of its location close to where I live, a lot of facilities and has also been accredited. After I graduated from college later, I want to become a successful businessman and could provide employment for disadvantaged young people in order to continue his studies. So I will finish my studies in a timely manner, less than 4 years. one of the ways I keep things accomplished is to be able to share time and diligent study, could learn from the campus or outside the campus.



What kind of president you want?

1. Has properties patriotism (nationalism) which is implanted in the heart and can understand the   content and practice of Pancasila.

2. Embedded nature in her wisdom, justice, responsibility, honesty, a manah, to think critically and decisively.

3. The president is not arbitrarily against its people.

4. Has a sense of caring and social spirit of the people.




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